our com.

ダム&ナッシュ コムパニーの使命は、日々の数あるウェブ上のコンテンツの中でも、写真と音楽に注目し、それが相互でいかなる意味をもたらすかについて探求することです。
The mission of Adam & Nash com. is to explore of what meaning are there in each other between photography and music on updated contents by the day-to-day of a number of web.

Photography is based on the portrait image of free wallpapers, of CC license, or of any site with the cleared quotation of source. Music is based on the share or embed resource of Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or Bandcamp.

Album jacket of the image in the post is based on Moshimo, DMM, or Rakuten. If there is an Ad, that is by A8net or Samurai factory or Chikita.

You might feel that there is or is not a relationship between the music by artists and the model’s portrait by photographers in this site. As for relevance, I would like to leave it to the judgment of those who visit this site. However, the portrait of photograph and also the pleasant music are reflected people’s some feelings. Therefore, it is indicated that there is some meaning to the people by their mutual.

Sometimes, song is retrieved by the image, image is retrieved by the song, we believe that there is no difference to occur event of such internal recall. Therefore, in our com., we are studying aims to explore the event of profound internal recall by their mutual.

今後もアダム&ナッシュ コムパニーのご支援のほど宜しくお願いいたします。
Also thank you enough for your support of Adam & Nash com. in the future.